London, UK Travel Advice

If merry old London is on your list of ideal vacation spots, you’re not alone. Millions of people come to tour London each year, and it’s no surprise why. With numerous museums like the National Gallery, the British Museum, and Tate Modern, you can spend your days enjoying fine art.

London travel tips & advice

Or you might want a bird’s eye view of London by heading to The London Eye. The Tower of London provides a free tour of one of the last strongholds of Europe, while St. Paul Cathedral’s spiral staircase can take you up to a spectacular view of the city. London’s Fashion Week might have you bumping into the day’s hottest celebrities, while the Tower Bridge offers plenty of opportunities for pictures.

Kensington Palace and the London Zoo are usually high up on the lists of many tourists, but Shakespeare’s Globe is another cultural wonder. Numerous tours are available in the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, and the Royal Opera House as well. There are many things to do in London on your visit!

Flights to London / How to Get There

Finding flights into London is a fairly easy task with the infamous Heathrow Airport. Though the busiest airport in the city, it’s certainly a central location for getting to any accommodations. Gatwick, London City, Luton, and Stansed are also possibilities, so keep an open mind when booking your reservations. If you want to move through the city with ease, try the London Underground or Tube as it’s called by locals. You can also try one of the many red double-decker buses to see the city from up high.

Hotels in London & Where to Stay

Once you’re in London, you can find the traditional hotels like Marriot, but if you want a more unique experience, try Calridge’s or The Gore. If you’re going to be in London, you might want to stay at the Soho Hotel, which puts you right in the middle of the action, while the Chesterfield Mayfair hotel is a more luxurious option.

You might also want to stay at one of the hostels like St. Christopher’s Village or Palmers Lodge. Some hostels in the London area as low as 20 pounds per night’s stay The Royal Park Hotel is a romantic bed and breakfast option, as is 22 Jermyn Street. Related: Canada Hotels