Travel Iran

When people think of Iran, most of them envision sandy deserts and dry parched mountain ranges. The truth is Iran is a beautiful place that has a lot to offer in terms of cultural and natural attractions for those who travel there.

Iran travel tips & advice

Located in southern Iran is Chabahar, a seaport on the Oman Sea. The rocky coastal area is magnificent both during the day and when the sun starts setting in the west. It is said that the plankton and algae found in the waters of Chabahar are beneficial for the body. It is also one the best locations for windsurfing, water skiing and other water fun.

The ski resort of Dizin is located to the north of Tehran. Nestled into the Alborz mountain range, this huge resort is known for beautiful accommodations including villas, hotels and quaint cottages. It’s best known, however, for having the most pristine snow and long ski season. Volleyball, tennis and paint ball facilities are also available to visitors.

The Caspian Sea, the largest landlocked lake in the world, and its surrounding provinces, Gilan, Golestan and Mazandaran, is only a four hour drive from Tehran. This region is known for the dense forest that both bears and leopards call home, beautiful sandy beaches, huge rice-paddies, and beautiful mountain ranges. It’s a vacation diamond in the heart of the rough Iranian terrain.

Another attraction of Iran is the Mosques. The Grand Mosque of Yard is located in central Iran, and is the most historic of all Iran’s mosques. This mosque alone attracts thousands of visitors each year. The Jame Mosque is renowned for its high entrance which is laden with verses for the holy Quran. Most of the inner walls are comprised of incredible brickwork, and sitting atop of it is a magnificent dome with turquoise and white geometric tiles. It also has a set of minarets considered to be the highest in Iran.

Flights to Iran / How to Get There

Find flights to Iran. Considering the ongoing political unrest surrounding Iran, there are many international carriers that fly to the country. There are also inter-country flights available for extremely cheap rates.

Hotels in Iran & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Iran here. Most towns have hotels in them. They’re rated by the star system, and prices vary. Of course, more stars mean more money, but the services offered are better.