Travel Iraq

Iraq is considered a major war zone, so travel is strongly not recommended at this time. There is a high risk of kidnapping, torture, theft, and even murder for those who enter this war torn area. A recent poll has shown that there is a 28% probability of death for those who enter this country. If travel to Iraq cannot be helped, then it is advised for you to contact the embassy and see what arrangements can be made.

Iraq travel tips & advice

Iraq is located in the Middle East and is on the north end of the Persian Gulf. There is a small coastline in the southeast portion of the country; surrounding land borders are shared with Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey. The capital is Baghdad.

Everyone is required to have a travel visa except those who are a part of the Arab League. Military and contracted Department of Defense workers, at this time, require their valid Common Access Card that has been issued by the Department of Defense.

Flights to Iraq / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Iraq here. The only airport in Iraq is the Baghdad International Airport that was once named the Saddam International Airport; it was renamed when Saddam Hussein was thrown from power. There are two sides to the airport. The civilian side is now under the control of the new Iraqi government and is growing by the day. There is still a military side of the airport, which is controlled by the United States military. To protect those from air strikes, the civilian flights descending to the landing area do so from cruising altitudes and spiral down in a tight formation to fly within the protected air space of Baghdad International Airport. Note that there are 100% bag match policies where all bags, including carry-on and check-in are lined up on the runway. Every passenger must physically touch and claim their bag or bags while the bag handler tags it. If there are any unclaimed bags, they are taken to a safe disposal area.

Hotels in Iraq & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Iraq, and other cheap hotels here. There are plenty of hotels within Iraqi Kurdistan but it can be hard to locate them in any travel book. It is recommended to carefully ask a local where they may be located but you should do so with extreme caution.

There is a lot of history and culture in Iraq and hopefully some day peace will also find a place there, so that more travelers can enjoy this destination.