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Those that dismiss Israel as nothing more than a pilgrimage site would be surprised to learn that the country offers a wide variety of activities, sights to see and its share of cosmopolitan living. The landscape is even diversified, as visitors can marvel at the famous Dead Sea, trek across the Judean Desert, go skiing on Mount Hermon or enjoy to Mediterranean beaches near Tel Aviv.

Israel travel tips & advice

Those with a love of diving will be enchanted by the exotic fish and corals that can be found on the Gulf of Eilat while real adventurers will love the rappelling and cycling that can be had in Upper Galilee. Of course, for those with a love of history, there are plenty of towns and monuments that date back not centuries, but millennia. Obviously, most think of Jerusalem when they think of Israel, but the recently restored nineteenth century towns of Rosh Pina or Zichron Ya’akov offer up a glimpse into the country’s little known pioneering days.

Not only do visiting these towns offer a chance to learn a bit of Israel’s history, but provide a wonderful opportunity to discover their artists’ crafts, which are sold in shops featured prominently. Those that are interested in combining their adventure with their sightseeing will love the opportunity to visit the Roman ruins that can only be seen by a guided diving tour at Caesarea Beach.

Because the country is relatively small, getting around the country is as simple as booking seats on the national bus line, Egged. These busses are reputed to be modern and comfortable, but do remember that they do not run during Shabbat (Friday afternoon until Saturday evening).

Flights to Israel / How to Get There

The main gateway into Israel is the international Ben-Gurion airport located just outside Tel Aviv. Regular flights are available from most major airports, with non-stop flights regularly arriving from North America, South Africa and Europe. You can find flights to Israel here.

Hotels in Israel & Where to Stay

Israel offers nearly every type of accommodation available, from five star luxury spas to youth hostels for young travelers on a budget. Other options include campgrounds, monasteries and other spiritually related accommodations, and even staying in a Bedouin tent. Whatever the budget or the desire, visitors will find the place to rest their heads that they are looking for.