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Many Westerners have reservations about visiting the Middle East and with good cause, but the Kingdom of Jordan is the exception that proves the rule. Not only is Jordan among the safest destinations in the Middle East, but it is also renown for its welcoming hospitality.

Jordan travel tips & advice

This bodes well for adventurous travelers as the country is bursting with fascinating historical and natural sites. Jordan’s most popular tourist attraction is definitely the Treasury at Petra, which is best known in the West as appearing in the movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,’ but there are many other jewels to be discovered. Amman, the capital of Jordan, brilliantly combines old and new as it is a modern, urban city with traces of its past found in the Roman Theater and ancient citadel.

Nature lovers will be enchanted with the Azraq Wetlands Preserve and the Shawmari Nature Reserve, which is an important breeding center for rare animals. The Jordan Rift Valley leads to the Dead Sea, one of the most fascinating sites in the world. History buffs will be drawn to Karak, an old Crusader stronghold dating to the twelfth century, Jerash, an ancient Roman city that is still inhabited, Umm Qays, another Roman outpost that was well loved for its hot springs, and Pella, which is still a favorite haunt for archeologists, both amateur and professional.

Flights to Jordan / How to Get There

Most visitors arrive through the international airport in Amman. For getting around the city, there is one domestic route, from Amman to Aqaba. Possibly the best choice for visitors for getting around the country is the JETT bus company. Their routes include Amman, Aqaba, Petra, the King Hussein Bridge and Hammamat Ma’in. For traveling to smaller towns, minibuses are available but they have a much looser schedule as they tend to wait until they are full before setting off. You can find flights to Jordan here.

Hotels in Jordan & Where to Stay

Hotels of all kinds, from five star luxury hotels to inexpensive lodgings, are available near all major tourist attractions but especially in major towns such as Amman or Aqaba. Budget travelers can potentially get by on about $20 a day, but they will certainly miss creature comforts. Those that prefer a mid-range or higher hotel room, occasional restaurant dining and sightseeing will need to think in the $60 or higher range. You can book hotels in Jordan here.