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Located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon attracts thousands of visitors annually – many of which come to see the rich history, and natural beauty only found here.

Lebanon travel tips & advice

Byblos, located centrally between Beirut and Tripoli, is the oldest continuously inhabited town in the world. The winding streets and whitewashed limestone dwellings are reminders of when Byblos was once the ancient Phoenician port. Located within the town is the Crusader’s Castle which was built during the 12th and 13th centuries. You’ll also find Egyptian temples, and the Romanesque Church of St. John the Baptist.

One of the last surviving, and amazingly enormous, forests that once flourished along Mount Lebanon is the Cedar of the Gods. The forests were plundered in ancient times for their ample supply of cedar which resulted in the demise of most of them. The forest is vigilantly guarded, but you can walk among the giant cedars with an authorized escort.

Located in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon is the town of Baalbeck. Visitors can come here and see the ruins of the sacred temples of Baalbek of the Roman period. It is an extraordinary holy place where the largest block construction in the world was once found.

You can satisfy your pallet at any number of eating establishments in Lebanon. The traditional Lebanese meal consists of a number of courses including mezzes (hors d’oeuvres) mouth-watering main dishes, and a choice of delectable desserts. For a less expensive meal visit one the many take-out or dine-in snack shops that offer sandwiches, yogurts and an assortment of salads.

When it comes to shopping, Lebanon keeps up with some of the most exquisite shopping countries in the world. Beirut boasts some of the most famous clothing and furniture designers in the world. Are you looking for trendy? How about unique artworks? Maybe your thing is handcrafted wares? Lebanon has it all.

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Find the best prices for hotels in Lebanon, and other cheap hotels here. There are a number of different styles of accommodations to choose from. Five star hotels, B&B’s (Though not many) guesthouses and even furnished apartments are all available.