Travel Oman

Oman is an Arab country located on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. While the inner plateau is mostly vast gravel desert, other areas of the country are laden with beautiful shrubs, grass, coconut palms, and frankincense. Aside from the natural beauty of Oman, there is wild adventure awaiting those who visit here.

Oman travel tips & advice

In Muscat you can go on a private 4×4 driving excursion through the Omani desert. Climb aboard a four wheel-drive vehicle and experience the thrill of what the locals call “Dune Bashing”, all the while taking in the beautiful desert landscape. You’ll even get to visit a real oasis complete with pools of crisp blue water. You’ll also see the astonishing flora and fauna that make the desert their home. Also located in Muscat is The Great Canyon of Oman.

From a stunning view of nearly 3000 meters you’ll be able to look down into this magnification canyon, and far out across the Jabel Akhdar mountain ranges. Spectacular, breathtaking, magnificent can’t begin to describe the beauty of it all.

The Frankincense Trial is located in Salalah. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the trail is an ancient route that was naturally cut through the desert by caravans of camels in search of frankincense, also called ‘golden resin’. In addition to travelling through plush pastureland, and mountains, you’ll visit the tomb of the biblical prophet ‘Nabi Ayoub’ or Job and then on to the Mughsail Beach. The trek ends with a visit to a nearby bird sanctuary.

When dining out in Oman expect to pay from dirt cheap to moderately expensive. The coffee shops are loaded with inexpensive delicious foods that offer patrons an array of hand-held delights and local java. Many of the hotels are equipped with slightly expensive restaurants that offer food choices from around the world. Alcoholic beverages are pricey, and the Muslim community asks that non-Muslims refrain from eating, drinking or even smoking during Ramadan.

Flights to Oman / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Oman and more cheap flights here. Just about all international flights, including Kuwait Airways, British Airway, Oman Air and Air France, fly into Seeb International Airport in Muscat. There is also a small airport located in Salalah.

Hotels in Oman & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Oman, and other cheap hotels here. Accommodations including hotels, hostels, guesthouses and apartments and even camping are all available.