Travel Yemen

Yemen is an Arab country about the size of France. Its deep Islamic history and culture are a prevalent part of the society. Thousands of visitors travel to Yemen each year to see the beautiful architecture that makes up the cities, visit the museums to step back into Yemen’s history, and a host of other unique opportunities only found in Yemen.

Yemen travel tips & advice

By far the most popular destination in Yemen is the historic city of Sana. Sana is thought to be one of the oldest cities in the world. In fact, many say that a visit to Sana is like stepping out of the twenty-first century and into a lost culture. What stands out the most is the architecture. Dusty brown buildings with stain glass windows whitewashed with detail you won’t see anywhere else in the Western World. And, amazingly, every building is unique; there are no two alike.
Another attraction is the markets in Sana. You can find just about anything in the markets of Sana. Spices, jewelry, wooden objects, antiques, jamdias (curved knives) and a host of souvenirs are all available. There are 40 crafters and traders waiting to sell you their goods. Bartering is allowed so never settle for the going price; they don’t expect you to. Also, before you leave be sure to visit the citadel, built in the seventh century.

Other areas to visit while in Yemen are Wafi Wa’aar. The tropical climate coupled with the magnificent view of Sharahara, a huge mountain, is ideal for taking a break from your travels. Hike among the wildlife on Socotra Island, lounge on the shores of the Indian Ocean, see the pre-Islamic settlement of Shibam or take in the view from Hadda Mountain. In fact, there’s so much to do in Yemen you should plan on staying for a while.

Flights to Yemen / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Yemen and more cheap flights here. The national airline of the country is Yemen Airlines, and it takes approximately eight hours to get to Yemen via London. The main ports of Yemen are Aden, Mocha, Hodeida and Nashton.

Hotels in Yemen & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Yemen, and other cheap hotels here. Choose from a modern luxury hotel with all the accommodations or an ancient palace once occupied by royalty. You might want to try a funduk or a tribal hut. If those don’t appeal to you consider a campsite in Mocha or Khoka.