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Australia and New Zealand are two of the most popular destinations in the world – but the entire pacific region is an amazingly diverse place to visit and if it’s sun, sand and surf you’re looking for, look no further!

Destinations in the Pacific

Sun, sand and surf! The Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand have something for everyone.

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The Best Hostels in Melbourne for Travelling Canadians

Looking into the best hostels in Melbourne is one to way to find reasonable accommodations when you are travelling on a budget.  When you look for a hostel, you should consider more than how much money you save. It is important to prepare for an emergency when you are traveling abroad.  You never know when you ... Read more The Best Hostels in Melbourne for Travelling Canadians

The Best Hostels in Darwin for Travelling Canadians

While Australia is one of the pricier places in the world to travel to from Canada, there are ways to save money on lodging in order to have more of your budget to spend. Looking for the best hostels in Darwin allows you to pay only a little for a quality night's sleep, as well ... Read more The Best Hostels in Darwin for Travelling Canadians

Best Hostels in Auckland for the Backpacker’s Comfort and Budget

Auckland, a city of a wide variety of cultures in which adventure, culture and excitement could be had. The largest metropolitan city of New Zealand, it boasts of museums, shopping centers, bars, cafes and beautiful sights for every traveler to enjoy. The beauty of Auckland can still be enjoyed even if one is on a ... Read more Best Hostels in Auckland for the Backpacker's Comfort and Budget

The Top Hostels in Australia for Traveling Canadians

Hostels are a budget friendly way for the Canadian traveler to lessen the expense of a vacation abroad. With their dormitory style rooming accommodations and shared common areas, hostels are also a great way to meet the fellow traveler. Finding Hostels In Australia Some of the top hostels in Australia have rates starting at $20 a night ... Read more The Top Hostels in Australia for Traveling Canadians

Christchurch, New Zealand Travel Advice

If you're headed to New Zealand, you might want to venture to Christchurch as a part of your explorations. Located on the eastern shores, this is the capital of Canterbury and also the third largest urban location in the country. Christchurch travel tips & advice By combining a natural setting with city necessities, the traveller gets to ... Read more Christchurch, New Zealand Travel Advice

Auckland, New Zealand Travel Advice

As you land in Auckland for your New Zealand vacation, you will be amazed by how green the land is. This natural setting only becomes more magical as you take the time to explore the country side. While Auckland is a modern city, it still boasts a number of outdoor activities that the locals take ... Read more Auckland, New Zealand Travel Advice

Perth, Australia Travel Advice

Located in Western Australia, Perth is the capital city and the largest city in that Australian state. Captain James Stirling founded the city in 1829, Perth has become a bustling city that continues to grow and expand. In the coming years, more skyscrapers are slated to be built, for example. Perth travel tips & advice Those who ... Read more Perth, Australia Travel Advice

Brisbane, Australia Travel Advice

Named after former governor Sir Thomas Brisbane, this capital of Queensland is a necessary stop on a tour of Australia. Though it started out as a penal colony for ruthless criminals ' the desolate location made it an ideal spot ' it is now a popular setting for live musical acts and larger annual cultural ... Read more Brisbane, Australia Travel Advice

Great Barrier Reef Travel Advice

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reed is the sort of destination you want to see at least once in your life. The world's largest coral reef structure stretches along the coastline of Australia for nearly 2000 miles and contains some of the rarest plant and animal species ... Read more Great Barrier Reef Travel Advice

Cairns, Australia Travel Guide

Traveling to Cairns in Queensland, Australia may not be the first choice on your travel list, but it certainly has a lot to offer the person who wants more than just the average vacation location. Actually, in relation to other destinations on Australia, this is actually the fourth most visited city on the continent. Cairns travel ... Read more Cairns, Australia Travel Guide

Tasmania, Australia Travel Advice

The island of Tasmania calls itself the Island of Inspiration, and it's easy to see why once you visit. With numerous natural parks and activities, tourists and visitors can get a sense of what life may have been like before humans discovered the land. Tasmania travel tips & advice You might want to travel to various areas ... Read more Tasmania, Australia Travel Advice

Melbourne, Australia Travel Advice

Trying to keep in with its history, Melbourne is a city that doesn't quite match up with the modern ideas of progress. Often considered the Old World version of Sydney, this city offers a quaint view of the continent. Melbourne travel tips & advice From the various food influences of espresso bars and 'Little Italy' centres, to ... Read more Melbourne, Australia Travel Advice

Sydney, Australia Travel Advice

To many outsiders, it often seems like Sydney is the only exciting city in Australia. This is far from the truth, but Sydney does have a number of exciting and well known attractions to offer. From the Sydney Opera House to the famed Sydney Harbour, this iconic city offers you a taste of the city ... Read more Sydney, Australia Travel Advice