Travel Australia

Flag of Australia

If you’re thinking about heading to the land down under, you’ve chosen your vacation destination wisely. With six states and two territories, this vast continent and country offers visitors a little bit of Australian Outback and some urban class as well.

From Perth on the Western border to Brisbane, Sydney, and the capital of Canberra to the East, you can learn about the aboriginal peoples on tours or visit the Great Barrier Reef. There are also numerous islands to visit when you’re in Australia, though you will need to take a ferry or a boat trip.

Australia Travel Tips

Ayers Rock is a popular tourist attraction. This large wind shaped rock shows the stark contrast between the coastal regions and the hot inner Outback. You will want to look for tours of the natural areas to catch a glimpse of a kangaroo or a koala bear in its natural habitat. The natural fauna and plant life are also unique, so try to find national parks that can help you hike into the wilderness without taking you too far out. Don’t forget the Sydney Opera House or the many other attractions as well.

Flights to Australia

More than half a million Australian travelers will come into the continent via Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith International Airport. But there are other airports available in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and in other scattered smaller areas. Getting around Australia is a little tricky since the country is vast, but cars, planes, trains, and buses are all available to make things a little easier.

Hotels in Australia

Since the inner section of Australia is arid desert, the highest concentration of hotels is along the outer coasts in the major cities. However, hostels can also be found in high numbers if you want to cut down on lodging costs as you travel. In fact, many hostels are as affordable as $40 a night per guest. Australia Motels can be booked as well.

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