Sydney, Australia Travel Advice

To many outsiders, it often seems like Sydney is the only exciting city in Australia. This is far from the truth, but Sydney does have a number of exciting and well known attractions to offer. From the Sydney Opera House to the famed Sydney Harbour, this iconic city offers you a taste of the city life while being surrounded by wilderness. Take, for example, Kings Cross and Oxford Street. These bustling areas provide you with all the night entertainment you could want.

Sydney travel tips & advice

If you want to take in that Australian sun (with sunscreen, and lots of it), you might want to go to Bondi Beach or Manly Beach. Castlecrag is an interesting structure, created by an associate of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Hyde Park Barracks is an interesting area to explore, as is the Queen Victoria Building. These historic areas allow you to see what Sydney life might have been like before the modern touches we see today. The Garden Palace Gates are all that remain of a glass pavilion that was erected in 1879 for the Sydney International Exhibition. A fire destroyed the structure, leaving only the gates in tact.

Flights to Sydney / How to Get There

When you fly into Sydney, you won’t be alone since most Australian tourists use the city’s airport for their final destination ‘ Kingsford-Smith International Airport. From there, the Sydney Monorail can get you to wherever you’d like to go within the city – assuming you want to go to the centre of the city, Darling Harbour or Chinatown. The Sydney Light Rail can get you to a few more tourist appropriate areas.

Hotels in Sydney & Where to Stay

For a little English country style, you might want to stay at the Observatory Hotel, while others favor the major hotel names like Park Hyatt Sydney. Hostels abound in this Australian town, so see what The Globe Backpackers Hostel, Funk House Backpackers, and YHA Sydney Hostels have to offer too. Sydney Motels are always an option too. Related: Australia Motels