The Top Hostels in Australia for Traveling Canadians

Hostels are a budget friendly way for the Canadian traveler to lessen the expense of a vacation abroad. With their dormitory style rooming accommodations and shared common areas, hostels are also a great way to meet the fellow traveler.

Finding Hostels In Australia

Some of the top hostels in Australia have rates starting at $20 a night and offer many modern hotel amenities such as free local calls and Wi-Fi. There are five hostels that should be on any budget conscious traveling Canadian’s list:

1. Yamba YHA

Located in the small beach town of Yamba this hostel is rarely, if ever, heard of. It is along a backpack route and most people never consider stopping in this quaint friendly town. Those that do stop will find this hostel to be not only friendly but clean, safe, and sizable. The family that owns this hostel offers a daily morning surfing excursion as well as furniture in every room and free local calls and Wi-Fi. This is a great place to stay if the Canadian traveler is looking for a friendly atmosphere on the beach.


2. Scotty’s Beach House

This hostel is located in Mission Beach just south of Cairns. It is across from the beach where the vacationer can sit by the pool and watch skydivers land. That’s right. The common area offers a pool with picnic tables and chairs to create a friendly ambiance that makes anyone feel at home. Scotty’s offers laundry service, Wi-Fi, and even a restaurant for the low rate of $26 a night for a single bed.

3. Base

Base is located on Magnetic Island and offers a beachfront community deck and other amenities such as an onsite bar and restaurant. This hostel offers community cabins in a safe and friendly environment.

4. Airlie Waterfront

Rates at this hostel start at $24 per night but offer an atmosphere that is great for those looking for a good party. This is a clean backpacking hostel located on the beach with a community balcony overlooking that same beach. The rooms are small and clean and not overcrowded and most reviewers say they would stay there again.

5. Brisbane City YHA

Brisbane YHA operates like a resort with the prices of a hostel. The YHA has a sundeck on the roof and has some of the cleanest hostel rooms in Australia. The common areas also include a pool and cinema room as well as an onsite bar and restaurant.


Canadians who are considering staying in hostels should consult because travelling abroad may require immigration help. This site has everything one needs to know about traveling abroad including online flight and hostel bookings as well as travel guides and discounts. This is a helpful site for any Canadian planning a trip to another country and also aids those considering living abroad.