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Often referred to as the youngest country, New Zealand got a boost in tourism with the Lord of the Rings movies which were filmed in director Pete Jackson’s home country. But New Zealand offers more than just a home for hobbits. In fact, many other movies were filmed here too ‘ Whale Rider, King Kong, Chronicles of Narnia, and The Piano, to name a few.

New Zealand travel tips & advice

Some of these movies have left parts of their sets up for tours, while others had a deal with the New Zealand government to put the land back to its original state to preserve the natural beauty. Comprised of several islands, this country boasts a beautiful nature setting that can be explored for weeks without tiring of it.

The Ninety Mile Beach, Mount Cook, Fiordland and Milford Sound are all popular places to visit and to enjoy. On the North Island, you may want to head to Fullers Bay of Islands, the New Zealand National Maritime Museum, the Tamaki Maori Village, or the national museum Te Papa. On the South Island, you can go whale watching in Kaikoura.

Flights to New Zealand / How to Get There

Flights to New Zealand often land at these airports: Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, and Queenstown. Once you’re in the country, you can fly quite easily from island to island in hours or you can take a bus from one area to the next. Others like to try their thumb at hitchhiking, though this is illegal on motorways. You can also ride a bike in the countryside or rent a car to take your own personal tour.

Hotels in New Zealand & Where to Stay

Numerous hotels and hostels are available throughout New Zealand, though the larger cities will have a greater selection of both types of accommodation. Hotels can range from very pricey to very cheap, while hostels are typically the most affordable of all options with prices as little as 40USD per guest per night. Find hotels in New Zealand here.

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Christchurch, New Zealand Travel Advice

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Auckland, New Zealand Travel Advice

As you land in Auckland for your New Zealand vacation, you will be amazed by how green the land is. This natural setting only becomes more magical as you take the time to explore the country side. While Auckland is a modern city, it still boasts a number of outdoor activities that the locals take ... Read more Auckland, New Zealand Travel Advice