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From the Andes mountains in the west to its extensive Atlantic Ocean coastline in the east, Argentina is a land of wonder that draws millions of tourists from all over the world each year. Here vacationers revel in the distinct Europeanized culture, which has grown up over centuries of contact with the Spanish, Germans, Dutch and English.

Argentina travel tips & advice

You can also dance to a tango beat while taking in some of the most beautiful natural sights in the entire world. Argentina’s capital city is perhaps the biggest tourist attraction in this country that covers more than 1 million square miles. Buenos Aries is known for its boldly colored architecture, cafes, trendy nightspots and incredible shopping districts. Visitors here will find horseback riding; doing the tango and eating are some of the most popular tourists pastimes. Local conversations will range from regional and national politics to what is going on in the world of soccer. Overhearing the hot topics of the day is easy when vacationers stumble into some of the more popular cafes frequented by natives.

Outside the cosmopolitan boundaries of Buenos Aries, visitors to Argentina will find plenty of other things to do in this expansive country. From the Moreno Glacier in Santa Cruz to Northern Argentina’s Iguazi Falls in the Misiones province, there are many incredible natural wonders to see.

Travelers who enjoy serious snow skiing, will find the season runs from mid-June through mid-October, making this a great ‘off season’ destination for North Americans and Europeans.

Flights to Argentina / How to Get There

Getting to Argentina from just about any point in the world is relatively easy. The country’s biggest airport is the Aeropuerto Internacional Ezeiza, which is just outside Buenos Aries. It receives direct flights from many other international airports and serves as the main gateway for foreign travelers to Argentina. There are also smaller airports within the country that make domestic travel quite easy. Boat and land travel throughout the country is fairly well established, especially the bus routes. Find flights to Argentina here.

Hotels in Argentina & Where to Stay

Argentina is home to everything from 5-star hotels to youth hostels and simple hotels. Expect to pay upwards of $200 for some of the better Buenos Aries hotels. The hostels and some of the smaller motels are considered quite budget friendly. Find hotels in Argentina here.

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Buenos Aries, Argentina Travel Advice

As Argentina's largest city, Buenos Aires is a destination that travellers the world over are flocking to. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, in fact, more people are taking the time to explore the 'Paris of South America.' With its cosmopolitan flair, beautiful architecture, bustling nightlife, busy shops, beautiful Atlantic Coast beaches and ... Read more Buenos Aries, Argentina Travel Advice