Buenos Aries, Argentina Travel Advice

As Argentina’s largest city, Buenos Aires is a destination that travellers the world over are flocking to. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, in fact, more people are taking the time to explore the ‘Paris of South America.’ With its cosmopolitan flair, beautiful architecture, bustling nightlife, busy shops, beautiful Atlantic Coast beaches and unique cuisine, this city is experiencing a tourism boom for many good reasons.

Buenos Aries travel tips & advice

Travelers who visit Buenos Aires are often drawn by the unusual blend of things to do in this historic city. During the day, visitors often take in the sights of the city’s downtown core, where historic buildings dominate the landscape. On the Avenida de Mayo, for example, famous sites include the Palacio Barolo, Caf’ Tortoni and the Casa de la Cultura. The cobbled streets, brightly coloured residential districts and incredible selection of restaurants and cafes also call to daytime travellers. During the warmer months, the beaches of Buenos Aires are an alluring draw for vacationers.

Once the sun goes down, the Buenos Aires nightlife kicks into full gear. After hours, travellers will see a whole different perspective of this city that boasts a metro area of more than 13 million people. Buenos Aires is known the world over for its active club scene where tangos rule the dance floors, dining experiences and even quiet, corner pubs and bars.

Flights to Buenos Aries / How to Get There

Making the trek to Buenos Aires is fairly easy from just about any starting point in the world. The country’s biggest airport, the Aeropuerto Internacional Ezeiza, is located just outside Buenos Aries. The airport serves as the gateway not only for Buenos Aires, but also most of Argentina. It is also feasible to arrive in Buenos Aires by boat and to take road-based trips from neighboring countries, such as Chile and Brazil.

Hotels in Buenos Aries & Where to Stay

Buenos Aires offers visitors their pick of places to stay. The city boasts more than a few high end hotels and resorts, but does also cater to travellers on a budget with more simplistic lodging and even hostel accommodations. Travelers can expect to pay upward $200 a night for the best rooms in the city.