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Bolivia, named for Simon Bolivia, the man who led the country to independence in 1825, is a perfect example of Latin American culture. In the midst of the modernization that has found its way into this landlocked country, there still exists much of the brilliant landscapes that make it so charming and captivating, and a large population of indigenous inhabitants that continue to live as their ancestors once did.

Bolivia travel tips & advice

The language they speak, the traditional clothing they wear, the music of the land, and the faith of the residents are all part of an age-old culture. Visitors are welcomed to come to the annual carnival held in the streets of Oruro. It’s more of a street party than a carnival, but their show of faith to the folklore of their land is stunningly colorful, amazingly unique, and a whole lot of fun.

For the adventurer, there’s an endless list of options. Trek along an ancient Inca trail, take a hair-raising ride down a twisting mountain road on nothing more than a bike, brave the Amazon for a chance to stay at a jungle eco lodge. And, there’s just as much to see as there is to do in Bolivia.

Tiahuanaco is an historical site believed to be the actual capital of the Pre-Inca civilization. The ancient temples scattered around the land will cause you to wonder whether this is actually the famed capital it’s said to be. There’s also a museum which houses incredible ancient artifacts that will only deepen your wonder.

The churches along the famed Jesuits Missions Trail are a fascinating example of the architecture from the sixteenth century, and are protected by their UNESCO labeled status. The sacred music festival is also held here every other year.

A trip to Bolivia wouldn’t be complete without time spent tasting the Bolivian fare. Saltena is diced chicken mixed with chives, raisins, diced potatoes, pepper and a spicy hot sauce all cooked in a fresh dough. Most of the dishes are focused around some type of meat like Lomo montado. This mouth-watering dish is fried tenderlion steak with two fried eggs on top of it with rice and fried banana to complement its flavor.

Flights to Bolivia / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Bolivia and more cheap flights here. The national airline is AeroSur and most routes to Bolivia involve travel to Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires or Miami in order to connect to La Paz and Santa Cruz.

Hotels in Bolivia & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Bolivia, and other cheap hotels here. Accommodations in Bolivia include first-class hotels, guest houses, eco lodges and home stays. This form of accommodation involves free lodging in exchange for time volunteered for community projects.