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Flag of Chile

Some travelers to South America may be tempted to write off the country of Chile because of its seemingly small size, as it looks to be just a sliver of a country when looked at on a map. But Chile is surprising in its diversity ‘ from deserts to mountains, from lakes to volcanoes. Of course, that’s leaving out Chile’s small part of Antarctica and its famous islands, such as Easter Island.

Chile travel tips & advice

Chile boasts of more than a handful of UNESCO World Heritage sites, offers plenty of adventure for sporting types, and even includes eleven different wine routes for those that are ready to discover the country’s already famous wineries. Each region of Chile offers something exciting to do and see. In the northern desert one can find the Saltpeter offices, given UNESCO recognition in 2005, as a testament to man’s determination to tame the land.

Nestled among the Chilean Andes mountains can be found the Sewell Camp, recognized by UNESCO in 2006, where thousands of miners and their families spent their lives climbing up and down the perilous steps where simply walking makes it difficult to breathe. Down in the verdant south, Chiloe boasts of sixteen churches that have been recognized by UNESCO for their beauty. Valparaiso has been called Chile’s cultural capital and should not be missed.

Flights to Chile / How to Get There

Most visitors arrive in the country through the international airport at the country’s capital of Santiago, with plenty of flights arriving from North America and Europe. Getting around the country is quite easy. Domestic flights are frequent and reasonably priced and long haul buses are quite popular among locals and tourists thanks to the fact that they are inexpensive, comfortable and regularly scheduled. Book flights to Chile here.

Hotels in Chile & Where to Stay

There are plenty of options for accommodations, whether tastes run towards five star luxury spas or budget hotels and youth hostels. While Chile is not as inexpensive as it used to be in days gone by, it is still possible to visit the country on a tight budget of around $25 per day, though this will exclude nearly all creature comforts. Still mid to higher range accommodations can be had for around $60 a night, so don’t be afraid to look at all the options before booking. Find hotels in Chile here.