Travel Colombia

Flag of Colombia

Columbia often gets a bad rap for being perceived as a drug haven for violent criminals but the truth is that this country is quite safe for tourists with plenty to offer for visitors. Those that do choose to explore this vibrant South American country may be glad of its bad reputation, as this means that it is still largely untroubled by large crowds of tourists.

Colombia travel tips & advice

Columbia offers a wide range of landscapes, plenty of historical sites, adventure and more for those that are willing to seek it out in this friendly and beautiful country. History lovers won’t want to miss visiting Cartagena, an old city surrounded by the walls of a Spanish fort. Here there are plenty of palaces, plazas, churches and monasteries to explore which give visitors a peak into Columbia’s colonial past.

Going even further back in time, travelers can discover La Ciudad Perdida, or The Lost City, which was built between the eleventh and fourteenth centuries. Those with a sense of adventure can take the six day trek around the city, but those that prefer a quicker look can take one of the many helicopter tours. Columbia is also known for its beautiful Caribbean beaches which offer fun in the sun for those that like diving or just lounging in the sun.

Flights to Colombia / How to Get There

Most visitors arrive through the international airport located at the country’s capital of Bogota. Flights to Colombia are common from links in Europe and North America. There are plenty of options for getting around the country. There are domestic flights that service major cities in the country but remember that there is always an airport tax for domestic flights. Buses are the most popular way to get around the country, but they are often crowded and slow.

Hotels in Colombia & Where to Stay

There are plenty of options for hotels in Columbia, especially on the Cartagena coast and in major cities, where tourists can choose from luxury accommodations or budget hotels. Columbia is still an inexpensive country to visit, with budget travelers needing around $25 per day to get by. Mid range accommodations with the occasional restaurant meal will run about $45 a day, while those looking to go all out should plan on about $70 per day.