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Flag of Paraguay

Paraguay is one of the greatest overlooked destinations on the world. This small paradise is a beautiful place that offers a variety of terrains. There are wide-open green grassy plains, deep dense jungles, blue lagoons, thick forests, breath-taking waterfalls, and wild wilderness. Paraguay is one of the best kept secrets of South America.

Paraguay travel tips & advice

Because Paraguay is one of the least populated countries in South America, much of the natural landscape has been left untouched by man. The striking landscapes found here are picture-perfect. The indigenous plants and animals thrive, and the human inhabitants still maintain much of their ancient culture.

There are a number of spiritual places to visit in Paraguay. There’s an intriguing gothic-style church in San Lorenzo, the churches of Yaguaron, known for being a base for Franciscan missionaries during the Spanish Conquest, and Piribebuy, famous as a place for worship of the “Virgin of Miracles”.

The Visual Arts Museum, the Andres Barbeo Museum and the National Fine Arts Museum, located in Buenos Aires, are great places to visit. The latter is home to many international pieces as well as a collection of Argentineans. While, there is no admission to the museum, donates help to keep the doors open, and the artwork preserved.

Located on the border of Paraguay and Brazil is one of the seven wonders of the modern world, Italpu Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant. It took eighteen years to build and cost 18 billion US dollars. The dam stretches 4.8 mile across the Parana River and is a staggering 643 ft. high. The reservoir is 125 miles long, and holds 23.5 million acre-feet of water.

The food and drink of Paraguay include such delights as Chipas (maize bread flavored with egg and cheese) soo-yosopy (A soup of cornmeal and ground beef) and Sopa paraguata (a soup consisting of mashed corn, cheese, milk and onions). You’ll also find sugar cane juice (mosto) and Yerba mate, a drink similar to tea brewed from dried leaves from the Yerba mate tree.

Flights to Paraguay / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Paraguay and more cheap flights here. The national airline of Paraguay is TAM Mercosur. It takes better than 13 hours to get to Asuncion from New York and about 17 from London. There are ferry links with Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil.

Hotels in Paraguay & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Paraguay, and other cheap hotels here. The hotels in Asuncion are usually all booked-up during the height of the tourist season which runs from July to August, so it’s best to book your lodging through a travel agency to ensure you’ve got a place to stay. There are also a number of camping facilities throughout Paraguay.