Travel Suriname

Suriname, meaning ‘home of various cultures’ is a place so diverse you may feel as if you’re visiting more than one country. Maroons, Amerindians, French, Portuguese, Jewish-Dutch and other ethnicities all make their presence known in Suriname. It’s Suriname’s diversity that makes it such an interesting place to visit.

Suriname travel tips & advice

Take a trip to an Amerindian or Maroon village and see the simple huts that are their homes, see how they prepare their meals and maintain their villages, and learn about their history from one of the storytellers. The scenery and wildlife are also big attractions.

The rainforests in the south of the country are home to beautiful flora and fauna. The largest man-made lake in the world, Brokopondo Reservoir, is incredible. Raleigh Falls, a 56,000 Hectare reserve is brimming with 500 different species of indigenous birds, and waterfalls located all over the country all help to make Suriname one of the most beautiful places in the world.

New Year’s Eve, or ‘Oud jaar’ as its called in Suriname, is a great time to visit the country. The large retailers purchase firecrackers, and display them in the street in front of their establishments. When the time comes, the length of these famous red-firecracker ribbons are measured, and the retailer with the longest ribbon is held in the highest esteem. The Oud jaar celebrations start in the morning and continue all day into the next morning. The festivities include street parties, dancing, music and memories made with friends.

A river trip will bring you into the inner most parts of the country, places that aren’t assessable in any other fashion. Travel in a hand-made canoe (Korjalen) or a more comfortable river cruise boat to remote camps. There are some old plantations that can only be reached via waterways, as well as the 17th century Jewish settlement, Jodensavanne, located on the Suriname River.

Flights to Suriname / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Suriname and more cheap flights here. The KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Surinam Airways have direct flights three time a week. Air service is available through Caribbean Airlines from both Miami and New York.

Hotels in Suriname & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Suriname, and other cheap hotels here. In recent years large hotels have been erected all over the country, including four- and five- star hotels. You can also find lodging at smaller hotels, guesthouses, apartments or you can rent an entire house.