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Uruguay may be the smallest of South America’s Spanish-speaking countries, but it’s big on the night life circuit, maintains a culture true to its roots, and has some of the most captivating land and seascapes on the continent.

Uruguay travel tips & advice

The people of Uruguay are friendly and hospitable, always concerned with your comfort and pleasure. They earnestly welcome visitors to partake of the local culture as they’re eager to share with the rest of the world all they can about their age-old way of life and heritage.

One of the most popular places is the capital, Montevideo, where the colors are vibrant, the markets are bustling with activity, and the waterfront is alive with water sports enthusiasts. Have a lunch of fresh meat and vegetables before heading off to shop at Tristan Narvaja Market where you can find street vendors by the dozens selling jewelry, clothing, antiques and everything in between. At night you are invited to attend a live performance at Teatro Solis, one of the capitals popular nightspots.

Also located in Montevido is the Carnival Museum. The museum was constructed so visitors could see that the 40-day annual carnival held each January through March is not just a fun time, but a celebration of the way of life for the city. At the entrance to the museum there’s a chronological display depicting the carnival from colonial times to the present. One of the most amazing things about the museum is the real cobblestone street that runs through it. This keeps in line with the real carnival which takes place in the street each year.

Other museums in Uruguay include the Indian & Megafauna Museum, which house native lithic material, ceramic and bone pieces, and fossils of the mega beasts from the last Glacial Age, the Sports Museum, a collection of images and other memorabilia, and Maldonado’s Regional Museum, a patrician house that houses many artifacts from Uruguay’s history and culture.

Flights to Uruguay / How to Get There

Find cheap flights to Uruguay and more cheap flights here. The national airline of Urugauy is PLUNA, and the main airport is Montevideo which is 18 km from the city.

Hotels in Uruguay & Where to Stay

Find the best prices for hotels in Uruguay, and other cheap hotels here. Montevideo has a number of up-scale hotels, as well as lower priced ones.