An Expat Education

an-expat-educationNot everyone waits until they are ready to retire to move abroad, some people want to experience the world right now and take their children with them. However, becoming an expat family in a new country posing several new challenges all its own. Expatriating parents face unchartered territory when they first begin weighing the options for the educational needs of their children in a foreign country.

All expats do not get the advantage of travelling to a new country that has an education system as excellent as the one you leave behind in your home country, while for others the opportunity to study abroad will be an improvement. Parents have to option of enrolling their children in a few different types of schools, such as state schools, boarding schools, international school and homeschooling.

Especially if you are planning to live abroad permanently, you should consider free state school as an option if it exists in your chosen nation. However, you need to be sure that you are not going to be moving countries again because it could significantly upset your child’s schooling.

If you are moving to a country that speaks a different language to that which your child is accustom, then state school is the most viable option you have available. State school will help your child to integrate linguistically and socially with the other children of the new country.

You may want to consider a good boarding school in your home country for your child. This way your child will be able to remain in an environment that is comfortable to them. If your child already attends boarding school then the only hurdle with moving abroad is the distance that will be between you and your children. Boarding school is a better option for older children who will be able to cope better with living away from his or her parents.