Canadian Expats’ Christmas Plans


The clock counting down to Christmas in Dubai is ticking like crazy with Christmas morning only a couple of days away. All of the shopping malls in Dubai are exquisitely decorated in celebration of the festival season, and the children simply love Santa Claus.

A local newspaper interviewed shoppers about their thoughts on the holiday season this year and how they are planning to celebrate. Canadian expatriate Gabriela Gosse believes that Christmas is hinged upon two essential aspects, social as well as spiritual. She said, “The core factor of Christmas is celebrating the birth of the Christ and this day acts as a reminder to make us recall and practice the noble principles that Jesus taught us, while the social aspect is obviously seen in the extensive visits among families and friends.”

When the expatriates interviewed were asked about the differences between spending Christmas in Dubai and spending the holiday season at home, the majority reflected on snowy weather and dinner with the entire family.

To many of the expatriates living in Dubai this year, Christmas memories of home are filled with thoughts of family, friends, church get-togethers and playing in the glorious snow. However, many living abroad commend the ruler of Dubai for allowing all the expatriates from various countries all around the world to celebrate the Christmas season and enjoy it freely.

Many of the younger expatriates, just like the children and teenagers in their home countries, are anxiously looking forward to the Christmas gifts that they are to receive this year. One teenager recalls getting an iPod for Christmas last year and is anxious to find out what has been left under the tree for him this Christmas. After spending almost a decade in Dubai with his family, 15-year-old Jonathan Caddick describes Christmas as “…a synonym of togetherness…”

All in all, the Christmas plans and preparations for expatriates living abroad in Dubai are pretty much the same as the Christmas plans and preparations that would be made in their home countries. The Christmas season is a joyous occasion that is typically spent magnificently all around the world.