Canadian Expats Encouraged To Experience “I Am Not A Tourist” Fair

canadian-expats-encouraged-to-experience-i-am-not-a-tourist-fairCanadian expats among many others living in Belgium have been issued an invitation to attention that country’s “i am not a tourist” Fair. The event gathers together a diverse collection of companies and agencies that cater specifically to the expatriate community at large. If you are a Canadian expat living in Belgium, you might want to consider attending this resource-rich event.

The fair hosts banks, investment firms, insurance companies, schools, local clubs, and tax agencies. All have a place at the unique social gathering. Various vendors are also set up in different stands to help you finding accommodations such as houses and apartments. Others are there as job hunters to help you find good employment. Additionally, you will be able to get help with immigration issues, permits, and formulate your plans for long-term residence. You may even find consultation on your plans to start a business in the country.

Of course, the “i am not a tourist” Fair also offers plenty of other entertaining and enjoyable treats for everyone. You can hear speakers, attend art exhibits, get massages, and, of course, eat plenty of delicious foods. If bringing children along, you can have them participate in different age-based activities or get their face painted if you prefer. The event also provides a venue for Autoworld, which carries on a photo exhibition that is sponsored by Porsche automobiles. Visitors may be a chance to look at a Porsche on display at the Autoworld reception.

The fair is definitely a unique opportunity that should be taken advantage of whether you’ve just moved to Belgium from Toronto five months ago or you’ve made the country your home for five years. You have just moved here. It doesn’t matter there is plenty for everyone.

If you want to know more about the various services that are available for expatriates, then you need to attend this fair. There are is such a broad range of valuable and practical services as well as great resources you can take advantage of. Why miss out? Make the most of your time as a Canadian expat living in Belgium.