Does Living Abroad Make You Smarter?

does-living-abroad-make-you-smarterAn article was recently published that claimed that living the life of an expatriate actually has the power to increase intelligence. At first, you may think this is nothing more than a humorous bunch of dribble. However, in some ways living abroad may actually broaden your mind.

When you are planning to move to a foreign country, you do your homework. You learn a new culture and often a new language. From the time you learn that you will be travelling to a new country to begin life as an expat, you study everything you can get your hands on about that country. So, the research and preparations that you do ahead of time may actually increase your level of intelligence.

In addition, you are making an effort to change the direction of your life by moving abroad. This certainly enhances several elements of your life. By moving to a new country, you gain cultural intelligence. You learn about the people, religions and cultures in your new environment; thus, increasing your intelligence level even more.

Moving abroad to live the life of an expatriate often requires you to learn new skills. Learning to speak the language of your new country is very important. Especially, if you purpose for being in a new land requires you to deal with natives who may attempt to take advantage of foreigners in their country. It is also useful when you go out to eat, shop or attend social events.

Living the life of an expatriate expands your horizons spiritually, physically and culturally. You will be able to acquire and expand knowledge in several areas of your life. However, it is important to note that simply living in a foreign country does not automatically increase your level of intelligence. Living abroad, however, will provide you with opportunities to learn that is not available to your friends back home.