Driving in Dubai


As an expatriate living in the emirate of Dubai, there are a few essential things that you need to know about driving in the region. First of all, everyone in the United Arab Emirates always drives on the right-hand side of the road.

The roads in Dubai are remarkable first-rate roads that connect all of the parts of the city as well as the surrounding areas. There are two bridges as well as a tunnel that links the main districts of Deira and Bur Dubai, located on either side of the Creek. In addition, there is also a four-lane highway known as the Sheikh Zayed Road that allows drivers to travel south from the city toward Abu Daubi.

Compared to the European countries, the cost of petrol all throughout the Middle East is rather inexpensive. However, there are only two different grades of petrol available. The ninety-eight percent octane petrol is called “Super” or “Mumtaz”. It is the highest quality petrol and typically runs cleaner than the “Regular” or “Bezin” petrol that is available. Keep in mind as you are travelling through Dubai that the service stations are scarce, especially in remote areas and on many of the desert roads. It is recommended that you make sure your gas tank is full if you are planning to travel for long distances. Locally made maps are often available to show you where the petrol stations are located.

Be sure to always have with you in your vehicle a wide-ranging supply of spare parts, which may be costly or hard to find if your vehicle is one that is not common to the Middle East. The hot and stony roads of Dubai are tough on tires, so make sure that you have at least one spare with you at all times.

A couple of safety issues that you need to be aware of are mandatory seat belts and the prohibition of using a mobile phone when behind the wheel. All drivers have to use a hands-free device while driving in Dubai. Also, keep in mind that during the months of Summer, a parked vehicle can become an instant oven if left in the sun. Therefore, be sure to keep some cardboard windscreen shades in your vehicle. In addition, you may also want to keep a small hand towel in your vehicle just in case the steering wheel becomes too hot to touch.