Expatriate Blogs Help New Expats Prepare For The Move To Paris

expatriate-blogs-help-new-expats-prepare-for-the-move-to-parisIf you are a Canadian who has considered a move to Paris, you might want to take some time to read different resources to explain what the expatriate life is all about. In fact, one great way to research the subject before making any final decisions is to read any one of the various expatriate blogs that discuss Parisian living.

One travel expert suggested that perusing one of these blogs could be an ideal way for a Canadian to prepare for a move to the French capital city. For instance, journalist Meg Zimbeck, a writer for Budget Travel Magazine, says travellers might find an expat’s blog so they can read up on all of the pros and cons that emerge when you start living abroad.

Zimbeck cites the increase in the number of bloggers that focus on the subtleties of navigating the Parisian world for new expats, and specifically for a new Canadian expat. Most of these blogs are chocked full of tips and recommendations. Zimbeck even goes as far as to list her top favourites.

1. Maitresse – This blog is a great choice if you have a serious interest in books. It offers a selection of essays and observations about Paris’ literary culture as well as a number of hints about various cultural events that take place in and around the city each year.

2. Just Another American in Paris – This blog, on the other hand, may not be totally ideal for the fledgling Canadian expat, but it does offer some perspective to any expat who is new to the city and helps them to adjust to the peculiar social etiquette that make Paris so unique. You can also pour over the writer’s musings on subjects such as manners and the French class system.

3. Petite Anglaise – This blog has gained a lot of notoriety since it was adapted into a book. It is written by Catherine Sanderson. It has followed the author’s family life and romantic escapades since she moved from the UK to France.

If you are a Canadian considering a move abroad, you might consider some of Zimbeck’s blog options or you may branch out and find those written and maintained by seasoned Canadian expats. The choice is yours. The more you know about living in Paris, the better your experiences will be once you board the plane in Montreal.