Expatriate Health Care Insurer Received Good Rating

expatriate-health-care-insurer-received-good-ratingRecently, a prominent medical insurance provider that is geared specifically towards expatriates received a decent rating from Health Insurance Magazine for their Accident and Illness Income Replacement Plan. The company, Expatriate Healthcare, garnered seven out of ten.

Expatriate Healthcare received such favorable marks from the magazine’s technical editor, Andy Couchman. The entire focus of the review is the company’s Accident and Illness Income Replacement Plan, just one of several key components to the insurer’s top-rated health insurance products that target the specific needs of expatriates living abroad.

Specifically, Expatriate Healthcare’s plan offers expats coverage for accident death, permanent, total, and partial disability, as well as temporary total disability. Additionally, if offer the policyholder a few choices. For instance, one may choose to have accident only or accident and illness coverage. Any coverage is based on a pre-determined definition of “usual occupation” incapacity.

In comparison, other health insurance providers require the claimant to be totally incapacitated from working at all; there are no distinctions made whatsoever on the mode or level of employment. All occupation is put to an end. This put a severe damper on many expat’s ability to continue living and working in other countries. Expatriate Healthcare’s plan sought to make favorable adjustments to such restrictive policies.

There were other factors that helped to contribute to the Accident and Illness Income Replacement Plan’s high score. Among them were its simple and direct coverage terms, as well as its excellent customer support network and convenient online application process. The Health Magazine review recommended the product to expats who were already shopping around for additional coverage to their current health insurance. It also noted that Expatriate Healthcare offered rates on travel and term life insurance plans.

The issue of appropriate coverage for expats is one that is being examined from different angles. Of course, there are providers who understand that in a mobile world such as the one today, it is important to offer protection for those who make it their habit to travel frequently or live in foreign countries for extended periods of time.