Expats Love Hong Kong

Hong Kong comes in at number five on the list of the most expensive Asian cities for expats. However, the aromatic harbor continues to attract expatriates to its beautiful shores. According to a report on the cost of living made by ECA International, a human resources company, the cost of living in Hong Kong has slightly decreased. Still, many people are wondering just what it is about Hong Kong that keeps the expats from distant lands coming to the country.

Many expatriates are drawn to Hong Kong because of the promise of a five-star way of life. In other countries, someone on a teacher’s salary is not likely to be accustomed to fine dining and extravagant living. However, in Hong Kong, a teacher at any one of the international schools is able to live in a cozy apartment with deck and pool that overlook the glorious South China Sea. Teachers in Hong Kong are also able to take taxi rides to the nicest restaurants, hire an assistant and much, much more in addition to the long summer vacations.

To further add to the attraction, Hong Kong has a support system for welcoming expatriates to the country that makes many never want to leave. The system is so well put together that expats have no need to learn the native language of Cantonese. In addition, there are a number of companies, magazines, websites and retailers in place that are ready and willing to make any expat feel right at home in Hong Kong.

In addition, Hong Kong features a number of pet relocation companies and property agencies that cater solely to the expat community. International schools are available for various foreign students from Canada, France, America, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Norway and Korea.

An increasing number of supermarkets filled with imported goods and local produce are available with a helpful and friendly staff that speaks fluent English. Likewise, there is no worry of a language barrier for expats seeking fish and vegetables at the wet market.

Last but certainly not least, the one thing that keeps expats coming to Hong Kong is the abundant culture. No matter which country you call home, Hong Kong is the ideal home away from home for expatriates from around the world.