Expats Love to Walk the Walk in Thailand, but Can They Talk the Talk

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When it comes to the favourite places around the world for expats, Thailand is one of the best. However, many people have a somewhat difficult time learning the native language of Thailand.

Expatriates consider Australia, Canada and Thailand as the foremost destination for living and loving abroad. This information is provided by the annual survey by HSBC Bank International on expatriate experience. Of course, Canada tops the list because of the quality of life it provides and it is among the easiest places in the world to integrate with the hospitable locals. Australia and Thailand follow closely as the next top two destinations for expats.

Many expatriates from around the world are attracted to Thailand because of the high chances of meeting someone and falling in love. In fact, one out of every five expats in Thailand has found love. Thailand is number one on the list of the best places to fall in love with Brazil and Germany rounding out the top three. Around half of the expats living in Thailand claim to have found love.

In addition, Thailand is also rated as the number one destination for making friends, followed by Malaysia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. As many as fifty-eight percent of the people interviewed have lived abroad for at least five years, and claim to have had no trouble finding friends.

Even though Thailand is one of the friendliest places in the world and many have been successful at finding love within its borders, the local language is not so friendly. The local language of Thailand, Thai, ranks number twenty-sixth on the list of easiest languages to learn.

Thai is both an analytic and tonal language. It has relational markers and complex orthography. Thai is thought to have connections to China and the Kradai languages, and several Thai words are borrowed from the Old Khmer, Sanskrit and Pali languages.

Thailand ranks number four on the list of easiest countries in which to find a school. Thailand comes in at number eleven for organizing finances, second in arranging healthcare and finding a place to live. The country ranks number nine for utilities, sixteen for making local friends and second in accommodation arrangement.