Fewer Canadians Are Traveling Abroad

In recent months, it has become clear that more Canadians are expressing concerns about travelling abroad, a fact, which has led to a decline of about 2% in the numbers of international trips. This is compared to the increases in the number of those tourists who chose to travel in September when compared to August.

In September, Canadian residents took four million trips abroad; this is about 1.7% less than in August. In contrast, the number of foreign tourists who entered Canada was up 1.6% to about 2 million.

This increase in traffic originated most from United States. Of the 2 million trips estimated, about 1.7 million travellers entered from the U.S. This represented a 2.1% increase from August. Additionally, day trips from the United States to Canada increased in September, with 2.4% travellers making the trek across the border for less that a day.

On the other hand, few Canadians chose to visit to United States. In fact, September trips by Canadians were down by 2.1% while the day trips were down by 2.3%. At the same time, there was a measurable increase in the number of overseas trips to countries other than the United States. About 690,000 international trips were recorded in the report as well. This amounted to an increase of about 0.4% total. It was looked up as a way of offsetting the general climate of decline in international travel.

It is unclear what these trends and percentages might mean for the flow of expatriate Canadians spread across the planet. In some cases, it may mean few expats will show up in other countries. There may be some commensurate changes in economic structure due to this change in frequency. Also, tourist may be impacted in some locations, especially those catering to western tourists such as Canadians.

Additional stats note that 327,000 people came to Canada from other countries other than the United State, though this number was down by 1.3%.

The agency responsible for the report stated that eight of the primary 12 overseas markets had experienced true declines in the numbers of travellers who were making Canada their destination of choice.