Flood From ‘Ondoy’ Prompts Canadian Gov To Issue Advisory

flood-from-ondoy-prompts-canadian-gov-to-issue-advisoryThe Canadian government has issued a travel advisory for the Rizal province and other affected place in the Philippines in the wake of flooding caused by tropical storm “Ondoy” (Ketsana).

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada suggested that Canadian expats living in these regions take extra precautions to stay safe if they lived or traveled in these regions. The travel advisory was updated in their Monday meeting.

The report noted that any overland travelling in Metro Manila and in the Rizal province was almost halted entirely. This also made it possible there would be disruptions in the transport of essential services until conditions improved. Canadian expats were asked to be cautious, keep abreast of local news alerts, as well as weather reports, and also to follow the directions of local authorities.

The Canadian government also cited reports that flash floods were necessitating the evacuation of thousands of people in those affected areas as part of its preparations for the travel advisory. Floods and resulting landslides caused by “Ondoy” that were spread across the Metro Manila and outlying regions were responsible for the deals of 140 people.

The travel advisory alerted Canadian expats to the fact that there would be both delays and flight cancelation from servicing airports in the area. They were urged to remain calm and patient until issues could be resolved or the threat had passed.

The advisory added additional information about the conditions in the Philippines so Canadians travelling in that country, or living there as expatriates, were better informed about typhoons and other damaging storm conditions. The report said that “storms could occur quickly, veer in unexpected directions and quickly increase in intensity.”

According to GMANews.TV, the report also said, “During any storm, flash floods and mudslides may occur. Delivery of essential services may be interrupted including medical services, power and telecommunications. Transportation routes and infrastructure damage may occur and Canadians are advised to maintain a flexible schedule to allow for unexpected interruptions.”

The advisory is meant to spare Canadian expats from any unnecessary loss of life or property if it is possible.