Airlines and Their Pricing Power

airlines-and-their-pricing-power-nov-6Though airfare has been in a slump over the past few years, airlines are starting to regain some of their power. Though travel overall is down in light of a suffering economy, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t travelling. Though fares are down in general, airlines are starting to slowly regain some of their pricing power that they had lost in recent years.

Still Good Deals to be Had

It’s true that there are still many great airfare deals to be had out there, but the trend is moving towards a firmer price overall. This may seem contrary to the many deals that can be found out there, however if you look at patterns as the travel industry experts do, then this is showing up over and over again. In spite of great discounts, many airline carriers also happen to be engaging in a bit of a rate hike. Many suspect that this is due in large part to the upcoming travel season.

It helps if travellers can book their flights well in advance or if they have a bit of flexibility in their schedule. It also benefits the traveller to do a bit of price comparisons to ensure that they get the very best airfare possible. Pricing is beginning to strengthen from the airline carrier’s point of view because people are still travelling. This is showing up as airfare surcharges that have become present most recently for the peak holiday travel season. They are expected to stay strong and be on the increase like this through Memorial Day.

Good for the Airlines but Still Good for the Traveler

This doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for the traveller as there are some great deals to be had. This is positive news though for the airline industry that has been suffering ever since the 9/11 attacks. Travel went down with these acts of terrorism, and that meant a slump in profit and overall lower airfare prices. With travel increasing and prices strengthening, this offers a glimmer of hope to an industry that has been suffering for quite a few years now. As a traveller, it helps to book ahead and look for the best prices possible.