British Airways Strike is Off

As the busiest travel days are upon us, there is good news for one major airline carrier just in the nick of time. As there was an imposed potential strike for British Airways that was set to begin on Tuesday, this was striking fear into the travellers booked on their flights. Fortunately the imposed strike has been called off and can’t be a potential until after the holiday travel season. Not only is this good news for all of the travellers booked on this airline, but also for the airline carrier itself.

flight-attend-safety-instructWorkers Want Fair Treatment

The potential strike couldn’t have come at a worse time as travellers were living in fear of being stuck without a flight. They were told that they could not book elsewhere unless their flight was cancelled, and it hadn’t come to that yet. So passengers worried that if the strike did occur they would be stuck with no way of getting to their travel destination. Fortunately with the strike being called off, this puts a great sense of relief into passengers and workers alike. With Christmas being the busiest travel time of the year, there was great concern about the passengers, their travel plans, and what this would do to British Airways.
Workers were threatening to strike as they wanted fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. They felt that there needs weren’t being met and therefore had imposed a potential strike threatened to start on December 22nd and run for twelve days. This of course would have caused a major halt within the busiest travel season of the year. Thankfully the strike is off, at least for now. Any potential for a strike wouldn’t happen until after the holidays.

Still Good to Plan Ahead

Though the strike of a threat is off and passengers can rest assured that their flights are heading out as planned, they still should plan to get to the airport early. British Airways along with all major airline carriers expect the highest volume of travellers throughout the course of the next week. Christmas has replaced Thanksgiving as the busiest travel time of the year, and travel is expected to be high everywhere.