Connection Between Cheap Flights and the H1N1 Virus

feverThough this time of year always means that we are in the thick of cold and flu season, this has never been a bigger concern than this year. With the H1N1 virus on the rise and a whole host of concerns about what that means to those afflicted, this is of great concern with travel on the increase. Coincidentally this time of year also happens to be the biggest travel season with the holidays upon us. That can mean a terrible potential connection between an increase in the H1N1 virus and travelling.

Not a Certainty but a Concern

Though it is not a certainty that travellers will automatically be exposed to the H1N1 virus, there is a better likelihood with the amount of people in one space. Health officials are worried with travel going up at the holidays and the likelihood of this being even higher due to the deep discounts on flights. For those who wouldn’t normally travel at this time of year, the cheap flights are offering an extra incentive. This is good for the budget, but means more people in smaller spaces. This means that there is ultimately a better chance for getting sick.

Though it is recommended that travellers stay home if they feel sick or display any sort of symptoms, many people don’t want to miss out on the money they’ve already paid for a flight. This creates a dangerous potential because people who are already sick may be getting on planes and exposing other travellers to the H1N1 virus or any other illness. This is a scary possible predicament, though the reality is that there are things that travellers can do to protect themselves.

Great Savings but Potential Illness

Though cold and flu season is in full effect, it doesn’t mean that you have to live in fear. If you have symptoms of the H1N1 or any other illness, it’s best to get them checked out before getting on a plane. Additionally travellers can protect themselves by bringing along helpful items such as Vitamin C and hand sanitizer. This can be a scary predicament with discounted rates and more people travelling, but it doesn’t mean that your family has to be afflicted.