Cyber Monday Benefits Travelers

If you thought that Cyber Monday was an unofficial holiday designated only for the retailers, think again. Many airlines and travel companies alike are getting in on the act to ensure that they offer up significant discounts to consumers. Many of the major airlines are getting in on the act and recognizing that they can grab the consumer who is already online looking for discounts.

Though this is a revolutionary new trend for airlines to get in on the Cyber Monday madness, this benefits consumers and airlines alike. There are several major airline carriers getting in on the act including Virgin America, Jet Blue, and United Airlines. Many of these carriers are offering flights starting from as low as $39 depending on your city of origin and the destination you wish to travel to. There are flights ranging from about $39 to $109, but the reality is that even the higher end of the range is still a true discount to those who receive it.

The mentality of the airline carriers is that they can fill seats by offering up these discounts. As consumers are already using a platform such as Cyber Monday to find the best sales out there for the holidays, this is a perfect time to reel them in for travel. Though travel may not be on the minds of some consumers with the gift buying season upon us, seeing an enticing offer may change that mentality. For airlines, offering a discount ensures that the seats are filled and the tickets are purchased. Though the typical airline ticket is certainly worth more than $39 per passenger, it gets people flying when they are guarding their money so closely.

Though not every airline carrier is in on the act yet, the discounts being offered are sure to entice consumers. This may end up becoming a regular fixture on Cyber Monday if airline carriers can bring in a significant number of sales. So for the consumer who already engages in great online sales and savings on Cyber Monday, this may offer an affordable way to travel. This is good for the consumer, good for the airlines, and sure to be a new Cyber Monday trend to catch on.