Extra Charges Add Up

extra-charges-add-up-nov-18Though many travellers are rather used to the number of fees that stack up on them when they fly, there are some instances where it appears to be getting out of hand. Just in time for the holidays, the number of surcharges are continuing to add up. While the cost of a flight used to be the only price that people had to worry about, the surcharges make up an entirely different category.

Though most airlines tend to have some sort of surcharge these days for extra bags or special seat requests, there are some that are increasing their surcharges overall. United, Northwest, and Delta are raising their rates by about $50 per passenger through the middle of 2010. This increase shows up as a surcharge to fuel the peak travel times. Though passengers are not fans of the increase of surcharges, these make up a rather significant profit to the airline carriers directly.

US Airways is trying out a new approach whereby 5% is added onto the cost of the fare up through Memorial Day. This results in a rather steep hike to the traveller, and of course a profit to the airline carriers. With passengers already paying extra for their baggage, their seats, their itinerary, and their food or beverages, this comes at a rather inconvenient time. With the holidays being a peak season for travel, many passengers feel trapped with this surcharge and have no choice but to pay it.

Though the surcharges are all adding up to a profit to the airline carriers, the overall average for ticket prices is at an all time low. Many experts feel that airline carriers are drawing in passengers with the allure of low fares, and then adding on surcharges after travel is already booked to make up profit. The surcharge applies to those who book travel later rather than earlier, showing up as almost a penalty of sorts. If passengers want to save some money and avoid an extra surcharge, then they need to book earlier and be a bit flexible in their travel schedule.