JetBlue Offers Deep Discounts

nov-19-jetblue-offers-deep-discountsIt’s the time of year for great deals, and even the travel industry is getting in on the act. Though some airline carriers and travel companies are tacking on surcharges to their fares, some are rising head and shoulders above the rest. JetBlue is getting in on the holiday savings and offering up greatly discounted flights to and from cities all across the country. You will be stunned at just how low the fares are!

Deals to Just About Anywhere

The deals are available for today only, but can apply to travel for many different dates in the future. You can find flights from just about any city of origin, and this means that many people are getting in on the act. Would you believe that you could find rates as low as $29? It’s true, for a true steal you can find airfare to your favourite destination. For as low as $39 for example, you can fly from New York to Boston—which results in a major cost savings.

JetBlue is even offering flights to Aruba or other tropical destinations for a deep discount. You could fly from New York to Aruba for as low as $129. It seems that there are so many different discounts to find that the traveller is sure to benefit. These discounted fares are being offered just in time for the holidays, when travel is expected to be up. By JetBlue offering these rates, they are sure to fulfill demand and fill up all of their seats.

Great Fares for the Tight Budget

Though these specific rates are available only today, JetBlue never disappoints and seems to offer discounts very regularly. In a time when many airline carriers are spiking their rates or their surcharges, JetBlue is appealing to the traveller on a budget. Their sales speak to the state of the economy, yet still allow individuals to travel even when budgets may be tight. This is causing many travellers to look at JetBlue for their travel needs, even if they have never flown with the carrier before. So be sure to get in on these excellent airfare deals just in time for the holiday season.