New Trends in Travel from the Past Decade

Up until this decade, most people probably hadn’t heard of certain travel ideas. The notion of a “staycation” was never even heard of, much less discussed. Who ever thought of taking a “babymoon”? Even if you took a special trip before the baby arrived, you probably didn’t think much of it and certainly never considered to be a trend. However as we reflect on the past decade in travel, there are certain trends and terms that have become mainstream. Most of them are good news for the travel industry, and present some fun and unique options for travellers.

Where Do These Trends Come From?

StaycationIn many instances, it was the airline carriers that focused in on the way in which passengers were travelling and capitalized on it. Ever heard of the “procreation vacation” for example? This popular trip where a couple begins their venture into trying for a baby was termed by Singapore Airlines. This has turned into a very popular trend, and some airline carriers and travel companies alike are providing accommodations and little extras to make this a special and memorable vacation. Airline carriers such as Airtran have started to offer “ex-cations” for those that need to get out of town after a bad breakup.

Though the airline carriers didn’t have anything to do with the “staycation” as it really doesn’t provide any benefit to them, this has become a very popular way to vacation. With people focused on budgets and limiting their travel, families are having a little vacation in their own home and around their home town. Looking for a “kidcation”? If so, Jet Blue specializes in this type of family friendly vacationing offering discount flights to popular family spots complete with all the right activities.

New Trends Catch On in the Decade

Virgin Airlines have gotten in on the act by offering a “girlcation” for the girls who want to get away from it all and just have fun. So you can see that many of the major airline carriers are getting in on the act and taking cues from all the major travel trends of the past decade. These are here to stay and the more options the airline carriers offer, the more business they are sure to get.