Students Get Home for Family Holiday Cheer

students-get-home-for-family-holiday-cheerIn this day and age, everybody wants to find a good deal. This is particularly true when it comes to travel, and even more fundamentally important if you are a student. This phase of life may provide some of the most financially straining years, and therefore travel may seem like a luxury. However with the holidays upon us, getting home is the number one mission for many students. It can help to know that there are some wonderful resources that can allow students to get home at a very reasonable price.

There are two websites dedicated specifically to student travel. These websites are and STA Travel. These two websites offer students the resource and discounts they may need to get that ticket home booked for the holidays. Not only do these sites offer students a very deep discount that they require, but they also offer flexibility if any is required in booking their trip home.

These two websites are student friendly and tend to offer better discounts to students than some of the other big travel websites out there. In addition to offering deep discounts to students with a simple click, they also offer campus ambassador programs. Participation in such a program may offer an internship that helps students to gain experience, make some money, and of course get even deeper discounts on their flights.

Not only can you utilize these specific sites, but there are a whole host of travel agents out there willing to work with students directly. Many travel agents know that travelling home for the holidays or throughout the year is important, but they may not have the funds to support it. They may find that working with a travel agent who understands the student demographic can offer up some great benefits. Additionally working directly with the carriers in some instances may offer up a great discount. In some cases, the airlines may offer student rates and miles that can be stored up for use at a later date.

So if you are a student or know a student who wants to get home for the holidays, be sure to check out the student friendly resources out there. These resources can help to get students home to their families, and often at a far better price than a regular travel website can offer—you just need to know what to look for.