The Effect of the Climate Change on Cheap Airfare

Global Warming (Raster XXL)With so much attention on the environment and the recent debate on the notion of global warming, many aspects of daily life are being affected. Though there is much controversy around whether global warming does in fact exist or not, there is nonetheless still a push for green living. This means that the green taxes that have started to come into effect for many airlines will continue to skyrocket. This in turn has a great effect on the idea of cheap flights, with some anticipating the worst.

Green Living Means Higher Taxes

Though green living isn’t necessarily that new anymore, it is being given attention throughout various industries with a keen eye. As it pertains to the airline industry, green living may very well show up in an increased tax on airfare. The idea behind this is that airplanes are gas guzzlers like nothing else. They release huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the environment, and therefore this somehow needs to be facilitated in some fashion. The only way to work through that issue is through a green tax. This is not necessarily good news to the airlines and most certainly not to passengers.

With the meetings in Copenhagen taking place and an increased attention on the environment, this tax seems inevitable. Though it has already occurred in smaller measures, this is said to be a worldwide and rather large measure. The green tax may very well mean the end of cheap flights. Even if the airline carriers can offer good deals on their airfare, the green tax will add another element that can force the overall price to skyrocket. Though this is a measure for the good of the environment, it may affect how some people travel.

Will Demand Continue to Grow?

Though the travel industry seems to be improving and the airline industry has recovered some of their losses through cheaper flights, many wonder if the demand will continue to grow. It has been anticipated before that customer demand for air travel would plummet and yet it still bounced back. However experts within the travel industry worry what this green tax could do over the course of time. Cheap flights are what have enticed many travellers to keep flying, and if those go away then many worry what that will do to overall demand for air travel.