The Effects of a British Airways Strike at the Holidays

the-effects-of-a-british-airways-strike-at-the-holidaysIt’s certainly not the season for strikes, but that’s not stopping the imposed one at British Airways. Not only does this come at a terrible time when most travellers are counting on the airlines to get them home for the holidays, but they may have no recourse. Though the imposed strike is said to begin in just a week, British Airways is still not prepared to handle rebooking passengers. This is most inconvenient for travellers who worry that they may not make it home to their families if their flights get cancelled.

Passengers Stuck with No Backup?

British Airways will not refund or rebook passengers unless their flight is already cancelled. This doesn’t cover most passengers at this time and therefore with the more than one million passengers expected to fly this airlines, there is a great deal of concern and anxiety. Passengers may book their travel plans through another airline, but may run the risk of paying fare on two flights if their original flight isn’t cancelled. The strike comes at a most inconvenient time for travellers wanting to get home for the holidays, but has been brewing for quite some time.

The strike has been imposed and is expected to commence a week from today, but according to some sources it may never happen. Workers are unhappy about pay and working conditions, but the airline carrier stands to lose a lot if the strike goes through at this busy time of year. Though the strike may not actually occur, there is too much risk not to worry some passengers.

Stay Tuned for Details

It is advised that those planning to travel at the holidays with British Airways keep tuned in to see if the strike occurs, and more importantly to see if their individual flight is cancelled. In that instance they may be eligible for a refund or at least a rebooking. While the airlines fights hard to make sure this strike doesn’t occur at the busiest travel time, passengers must stay tuned and hope that things work out so that they can make their holiday travel plans.