Virgin Galactic Sends People into Orbit

virgin-galactic-sends-people-into-orbitIt may have seemed that it would never be possible, but the unthinkable is finally becoming a reality. The Virgin Galactic will be the first consumer spacecraft of its kind, and you may be able to enjoy a flight on it yourself. Sir Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Airlines, has said that this spacecraft will be ready for test flights as of next year.The actual name of this consumer spacecraft will be “SpaceShipTwo” and it is sure to change the face of travel.

Consumers may purchase a ticket to a flight on this first ever consumer spacecraft, but it comes at a steep price tag. The cost of $200,000 per traveller is sure to filter out only the serious travellers. As flights on this space shuttle are expected to begin in either 2011 or 2012, this is the first of its kind to be taken seriously. Though many have talked about this type of travel or have promised results, this is the first to really take the necessary steps to make this a reality.
Though the price tag of $200,000 per passenger may sound steep to some, there are already over 300 people who have placed a deposit of this amount to secure their spot. These special planes are expected to debut in the Mojave Desert so that onlookers can have a sneak peek. The Virgin Galactic spacecraft is expected to be about 60 feet long, complete with windows and portholes to give passengers a firsthand view of outer space. Though there is much to be done in the way of preparing this spacecraft for its first flights into orbit, much preparation has already taken place.

The SpaceShipTwo vessel will have six seats to take a limited number of travellers into space. Once commercial flights begin, tourists can engage on these revolutionary flights so long as they can pay the $200,000 price tag that goes along with it. The flight is expected to take about 2.5 hours to get into orbit, and this includes a full five minutes of actual weightlessness. So for those tourists that simply must get in on the outer space action, this is sure to become a reality even sooner than you might think.