Dolce Hotels and Resorts Keeping Guests and Employees Safe

Teo, a well-known telecommunications company, recently announced that Dolce Hotels and Resorts have elected to adopt Teo’s E911 Emergency Awareness Solution for choice resort locations. This decision will ensure that the hotels and resorts have full access to information and communications in real time in order to effectively protect the guests and employees at each location.

mobile phone in handDolce is the operator of twenty-five hotels in Canada, Europe and the United States. Dolce Hotels and Resorts’ specialties include providing greater facilities, cuisine and service for meetings and conferences. When Dolce Hotels and Resorts decided it was time to improve the E911 competency for the Austin, Texas, and the Aspen, Colorado locations, they knew exactly who to call.

Teo is a telecommunications company that specializes in network and telephone solutions for a number of educational institutions, Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and a host of other businesses both big and small all around the globe. Teo, which is located in Mukilteo, Washington, provides customers with a great many products that include ISDN and VoIP telephones, ISDN Centrex Attendant Consoles, NT1 ISDN Network Terminations as well as Enhanced 911 Emergency Awareness Solutions.

Teo provides the most effective and cost efficient E911 emergency notification system in the industry. The features with the service offered by Teo include 911 call monitoring, 911 call recording, multiple group partitions that provide various functions, secure automatic number identification management and much, much more.

Dolce Hotels and Resorts’ Lakeway Resort and Spa in Austin, Texas, features almost one hundred seventy rooms in the main building. The Meadows Resort in Aspen, Colorado, features almost one hundred rooms in six different buildings. With the new E911 system from Teo, a cutting-edge alert and emergency protocol system has been implemented. This new system will enable improved emergency response in addition to real-time, onsite notification through pop-up screens and text messages for cell phone users.

The Enhanced 911 emergency notification system is just a part of what makes Teo’s heritage so strong. With the lineup of progressive communication tools, including a series of NT1 ISDN Network Terminations, ISDN Centrex Attendant Consoles as well as ISDN and VoIP phones, Dolce Hotels and Resorts could not have made a wiser choice for the recent upgrade.