Sheremetyevo to Open First Capsule Hotel in Russia

Golden fountain on blue skyMoscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport is expected to open Russia’s first capsule hotel in early December. The hotel, which will be located in the Aeroexpress Railway Terminal, will offer 66 small rooms, much like the popular capsule hotels in Japan and Russia. Rooms in the Russian hotel will vary in size from 7.5 to 22 square metres. While many European and Japanese express hotels have rooms that truly resemble capsules, Russia’s hotel has designed its rooms more like cabins in cruise liners. The hotel will be named the V Express (Vozdushny Express).

Such hotels have rooms that are designed for travellers who have long layovers and need a place to sleep during the wait. They are also convenient for those whose flights are delayed or cancelled. The rooms are known for being small, but for providing comfort, safety and security. Rooms are equipped with linens, internet access, bathroom, telephone and an advanced security system. Guests can arrange for a wakeup call and will receive discount cards to use on meals in the restaurants in the nearby terminal.

Sheremetyevo’s capsule hotel will be located in a very convenient part of the airport, near many restaurants and cafes, as well as near the train station with trains departing to the Moscow Center every 30 minutes.

Prices at the hotel are affordable, with larger suites carrying higher prices than the smaller rooms. The rooms have a fixed price for a 4 hour stay; however, customers can add on hours if they need to use the room longer than 4 hours. Aeroexpress has listened to customers’ requests to have an affordable place to stay without having to pay for time they will not use.

It’s likely that the trend will catch on and other up to date airports will add capsule hotels for weary travellers. It’s likely that such hotels would be successful in many large airports all over the world. But, for now, at least if you have a long layover in Moscow, you are assured that you can get a good rest between flights.