Ski Resorts Upgrading and Improving To Attract Visitors

ski-resorts-upgrading-and-improving-to-attract-visitorsWhen it comes to running a ski resort, there are always improvements that can be made in some shape or form. Therefore, the winter resorts are making a few upgrades here and there as well as refining a few things in order to attract more visitors. In spite of the current status of the global economy, ski resort developers and slope owners have been working to keep up with the times. Many of the improvements being made by these resorts include augmenting real snow, real estate development and offering real bargains for skiers.

Several ski resorts are making changes in the western areas, including grooming trails, snowmaking and offering pricing deals. However, the largest amount of money is being spent up in the big mountains to develop greater base areas. One at a time, new condominiums, mini-mansions and hotels are quickly springing up all over the slopes.

In California, the ski resort business is booming. The Ritz-Carlton Highlands just opened up the first new luxury property that Lake Tahoe has seen in decades called Northstar-at-Tahoe. This hotel has a three-night package for just under $350 that provides visitors with a great bargain for their buck.

All throughout the eastern slopes of New England, there seems to be a focus on groomers and guns. Even though Killington in Vermont claims to already have the most extensive system for snowmaking in the world, they have added more efficient guns that will work to reduce consumption of power and improve coverage. Bolton Valley has installed a new wind turbine that cranks out enough power to keep at least a dozen snow guns running all season long, for three full months.

Bargains are abounding in the Midwest. The resorts of Minnesota, including Giants Ridge, Welch Village and Spirit Mountain, are offering a fantastic opportunity to an unlimited one-day ski lift pass to each of the resorts for only $75. The Summit Mountain resort in Michigan is offering ski lift passes for only $10. Also in Michigan, Alpine Valley allows women to ski on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the discounted price of only $24. On Wednesdays, guys get the same deal.