Bigmouthmedia Reports Most Travel Companies To Begin Aggressive On-line Marketing

bigmouthmedia-reports-most-travel-companies-to-begin-aggressive-on-line-marketingBigmouthmedia’s travel report for the 2010 season shows that many travel companies are planning an aggressive on-line campaigning strategy for next year.

Marketing is a huge part of any company’s ability to prosper. The report shows that travel companies plan to increase the amount of on-line marketing by as much as fifty percent.

“There can be little doubt that the travel industry now truly appreciates the power and reach of digital marketing, with the proportional spend rocketing upwards from only 38% in 2008. However, with a clear majority of firms indicating that they see engaging with social media as a major
challenge, it seems that many in the industry are struggling to develop effective strategies for these emerging channels,” said Anneli Ritari, Senior Travel Strategist at bigmouthmedia.

As much as those companies within the travel industry recognize the benefits of on-line marketing, many of these same companies believe that working with social media will be one of their biggest challenges ahead.
Studies indicate that the current financial investment made by travel-related companies goes mostly to paid search options, at thirty-seven percent. Search engine optimization comes in at eighteen percent, and display marketing is currently at seventeen percent. The report suggests that these percentages will shift in 2010.

Those companies that participated in the survey reported that they will maintain, if not decrease, pay-per-click spending next year, and instead put their focus on utilizing SEO and on-line public relations strategies.

“While many of the travel companies surveyed said that the economic climate was the greatest challenge facing the industry, today’s difficult financial circumstances have played a major part in driving change. Digital marketing’s transparency and measurable ROI makes it an extremely
attractive option to companies that need to ensure every penny of their spending is both justifiable and worthwhile,” said Ritari.

Increasing future on-line marketing strategies will no doubt benefit the travel industry as a whole. Not only is it the fastest way to reach thousands of consumers, on-line marketing is the new norm for any industry.
Consumers should certainly look ahead for more on-line options with regard to their travel plans.