Crystal Cruises Announces New Value-added Features

crystal-cruises-announces-new-value-added-featuresCrystal Cruises, one of the world’s most affluent luxury cruise lines, has announced that it has reviewed, and re-priced, the special savings packages it will offer guests in 2010.

Crystal Cruises value-added features have been extended to include:
– Two-for-one fares for all destinations
– All Inclusive – As You Wish spending credits for all destinations – up to $2,000 per couple
– Free round-trip air with most cruises
– Business class air for Penthouse categories in Europe
– Price Guarantee

The added-features are a part of Crystals revamping of its 2010 pricing and promotions. These new savings when coupled with the cruise lines 20th Anniversary will mean that seafaring travellers will be able to save as much as 15-20% on their travel expenses when compared to 2009 prices.

The Harrison Group and Dialogue conducted research with more than 2,000 consumers and travel agents. The results of the research showed that Crystal Cruises has the prestigious honor of being the most respected brand of luxury cruise lines that were measured.

The findings show that even the most high-end sea travellers take advantage of saving when they are offered. As such, Crystal’s 2010 marketing strategies will reflect greater savings, and more convenience to its travellers.

“The scope of changes we’ve made is unprecedented as we literally have to reproduce every piece of collateral we’ve had in the marketplace,” says Bill Smith, Senior Vice President of Crystal Cruises. “However, our research validated that consumers respond to the value of the ‘two-for-one’ more than any other discount messages. The benefits for discerning travellers are extraordinary – especially when one considers the new promotions are combined with all of the ingredients value, luxury and comfort of the award-winning Crystal experience. Additionally, we have an incredible pattern of itineraries for 2010 – with fascinating destinations like Sydney, Stockholm and even Saudi Arabia.”

Recent research does indeed support Smith’s statement as it shows that most of its travelling guests are drawn to the “two-for-one” pricing by as much as two times the number of travellers that respond to the 50% off savings.