Green Travel Isn’t Catching On

green-travel-isne28099t-catching-onThe most recent travelhorizons survey reported that although American travellers know what green travel means, they aren’t ready to embrace it; or at the very least, they won’t pay extra out-of-pocket in order to support it.

The terms ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘green travel’, aren’t new to Americans. For decades, practically every sector of the country, or world for that matter, has been pushing the need to go green in order to prolong the life of our planet. In many instances, Americans have taken the initiative, and are not only promoting the green theme, but they’re actively participating in it by being hands-on. Not so where the travel industry is concerned.

The survey, co-authored by U.S. Travel Association and Ypartnership, showed that there are only a small percentage of Americans who are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Only a scarce nine percent of consumers will pay extra in order to go green when it comes to travelling. There are more eco-friendly travel service providers than ever before, but most Americans aren’t willing to invest more to use less.

“Although consumers are reluctant to pay more to support green travel service suppliers, they are definitely paying attention to those who are green, even in this down economy,” said Peter Yesawich, chairman and CEO of Ypartnership. Consumers are looking for green travel services that are economically friendly in addition to their green status.

“Consumers are looking for ‘green travel’ choices at the right price. The travel community has developed thousands of options and we are adding more daily,” said Roger Dow, president and CEO of U.S. Travel Association.

Earlier this year was created by the U.S. Travel and American Express. The site promotes practice sharing among companies in the travel industry, and provides the most current research and trends with regard to green travel.

While ever businesses should do what they can to preserve the environment by being eco-friendly, it’s really up to the individual consumer to make the difference. An eco-friendly business will only stay in business if people will pay for the goods and services they offer.