Ground Travel Is Making A Big Comeback This Holiday Season

ground-travel-is-making-a-big-comeback-this-holiday-seasonAs the world economy continues to struggles with the effects of the recession, more people than ever are starting to learning the true meaning behind that old adage “A penny saved is a penny earned”, and with the holiday season almost in full swing every penny saved is a plus.

The holidays can be really expensive, and for many consumers, paying for their travel plans cuts deep into the budget they’ve created for their entire holiday spending. Even though airline travel is still cheaper than it once was, fares are on the rise. This can mean a large financial investment in holiday travel that many consumers simply don’t have. This is one reason many people are forgoing air travel, and opting to keep their feet on the ground this holiday season.

Richard Gasper, a Rhineback, New York resident said, “I haven’t taken a bus in a long time. It’s just the most convenient way to travel.” He added that carefully watching where his money goes is very important. Many holiday travellers feel the same way that Rhineback does. Some travellers are venturing out for the first time using modes of travel they’ve never used before during the holiday season.

Waiting patiently among thousands of other travellers at Penn Station, Kenneth Gardner was getting ready to take the first pre-holiday train ride he’s ever taken.

“The flight is faster but it’s a lot cheaper to take a train,” said Gardner, who is travelling to Vermont. A sign of the times is prevalent in an American Automobile projection for air travel this year as compared to last year that predicts air travel will drop off by a whopping 6.7 percent.

The number of Americans that use airplanes as a means of getting to their destinations during the holiday season has fallen by a startling 62 percent AAA reported.

Many experts predict that air travel may never rebound to where it once was, even after the economy recovers. This is because the up-and-coming generation is learning fast, hard lessons with regard to how they spend their hard-earned money.